Parish Values

1. Prayer lies at the heart of the parish life. It holds everything together and it sustains every other activity.

2. Faith is neither watered down nor ambiguous, is revealed in Holy Scripture and set forth in the historic catholic creeds. It is clearly centred on Christ and the Gospel. Without Christ nothing makes sense; with Christ all things are possible.

3. We are a growing, mission shaped, multigenerational, multicultural parish that is open to a mixture of expressions of being Church. Our mission and ministry model is distributed across multiple locations and groups.

4. The Eucharist is the centre of parish life. Both 'traditional' and 'fresh expressions' of worship are equally valued. Good worship is foundational for belief and one of the most important ways in which people of all ages are formed in faith and become disciples of Christ.

5. The love of Christ comes before all else. We strive to reflect a life style that is distinctive, counter cultural, authentic and attractive, in a way that the community can see and not dismiss as irrelevant.

6. We are a place of Christian hospitality and generosity for the church, the diocese and the community. Christian hospitality asks two simple questions. Do we see Christ in them? Do they see Christ in us?

7. We are a united parish within the diocese. We value diversity. We show unity by coming together on regular occasions and special events to worship, encourage and support each other.

8. The nurturing and spiritual formation of our young people is a responsibility of the greatest importance. We listen carefully to the voice of young people, as God often speaks through them.

9. Small theological formation and support groups have an essential role in the education and development of mature Christian discipleship within the parish.

10. Just as Christ tended to the sick and needy, we will care and advocate for
the weakest among us.

11. We pray and care for God's creation.

12. We are clear about our identity and affirm the best of our Anglican
tradition while working alongside sister churches.